Art 1300C - Drawing 1 Click on the photo to go to the gallery
This was a class I took in Summer 2011, At St. Pete College, Tarpon Campus. Linda Berghoff was my instructor. I really reconnected with the fine arts skills, that I had not really embraced since my High School days.
Dig 2109 - Digital Imaging Fundamentals Click on the photo to go to the gallery
This was a summer 2011 Seminole Campus Class. Ragan A. Brown was the instructor. We covered the main components of the Adobe CS5 Suite. Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I had traditionally used Cored Draw and Paint for most of my graphics tasks, but really fell in love with Adobe and appreciated its flexibility and depth.
Web Design 1 Click on the photo to go to the gallery
Fall 2011 I took Web Design 1 from Delinda Keefe, The head of the Digital Arts Department. It was a great refresher for those html skills I have used for years, but a wonderful refinement of my CSS skills and exposure to new techniques and approaches.
Personal Projects Click on the photo to go to the gallery
There is much that I do to hone my skils and experemnt with techniques and programs. I explored powerpoint with one of my instructors, did many of the classes at and other tutorial sites, and am developing a character "Oswald" for several projects. This is where I play!
Laser Sharp Images Click on the photo to go to the business page
Where my passion meets my profession is Laser Sharp Based upon my personal passion, and freelance design skills. LSI is my loveshild.

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I am learning and exploring wordpress themes, widgits, plugins and more.

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I feel it is important to give credit where credit is due. When we design a website, we do so on the bones of other designers, either by inspiration or using their templates, or plug-ins. If you like the page, please check them out and tell 'em I sent you!

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